Sunday, November 6, 2011

Experiment - Microorganisms Grow And Move

   Let's do some activity !   

1.  We need a slice of bread, a clear plastic bag, some water and a magnifying glass.

2.  Sprinkle some water on the slice of bread.

3.  Put the bread in the plastic bag.

4.  Seal the plastic bag.

5. Make some small holes on the plastic bag.

6.  Use a magnifying glass to observe the bread everyday.

7.  Mould will appear on the bread after a few days.

8.  Once the mould appears, take photos of the bread for a few days.

9.  Describe and record what you observe.


Let's look at what happens to the slice of bread.

  • Mould may only appear on the bread after a few days. 

  • The bread has white, cotton-like mould. The bread has spots of grey mould too. Mould are fungi.

  • The mould on the bread are bigger now. They are also red and orange spots on the bread.

  • Now, mould has covered almost the whole slice of bread. The mould is black. The bread has gone bad. This indicates that the mould grows.

What do you observe from the mould on the bread ?

What can you infer from your observation?

  1. The mould on the bread increases each day.
  2. This shows that the mould grows.
  3. Mould is a type of microorganism.
  4. Microorganisms grow.


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